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Welcome to the scents page! Featured, we have our standards along with other special scents. Some are seasonal! So if you see one that speaks to you, reach out! 

1. Dusty Mexican Morning: It's a hazy dawn in the sonoran desert, the sun creeps above the cactus and rocks, the coyotes, javelinas and rattlesnakes. Caputre these vibes with a candle featuring wafts of peach, cherry, sweet valencia orange with hints of Jasmine, Amber, Musk & Coconut Milk.

2. Cowboy Coffee: Needing a little jolt of caffeine to power you through an afternoon of hauling cows or maybe get through your 3 P.M. meeting? Turn to this candle featuring classic hints you'd notice at a coffee shop vanilla, roasted coffee beans and chocolate

3. Frontiersmen: even though it was inspired by cologne, doesn't mean it is just for the gentlemen. It is perfect for any fans of the outdoors, cabins aiming for rustics feels. This candle features a blend of leather, tobacco and woodsy overtones. 

4. Fresh Rain: Who doesn't Love the smell of a much needed rain coming down, cleaning streets and tamping dust. Bring the cozy cloudy day, movie afternoon vibes with crisp, clean scents, light cotton sheet inspired undertones. 

5. Tiki Beach: Got a pirate soul but living in a landlocked state? Transform your space into a sun soaked cabana in Caribean with just a swipe of a match or click of a lighter. This scent features toasted coconut, orchids, vanilla and musk. 

6. Hard Harvest Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but nobody will resist this candle. It will make you think of an autumn morning at an apple orchard. The most slept on scent, so pick it before they sour. Scents of apples, light cinnamon, faint citrus undertones. 

7. Bonanza Peach: Smells like biting into the golden-pink goodness of a fresh-off-the-tree peach. With one whiff, you'll think of late summer days and cobblers. Features scents like peaches, faint hints of cinnamon.

8.  Saddle Leather: Imagine walking into a boot store and the smell that greets you as you step inside- that is exactly how this candle smells! Just like your favorite pair of boots, this candle will fit any western enthusiast perfectly. Smells like leather, but with a fruity/smokey twist

9. Sandalwood: A classic scent. It's clean and not overbearing, so it fits perfectly for when you want to bring zen to your area. dark musk, a touch of citrus and spiced with cinnamon leaf, blended with vetiver grass root.

10. Buckles & Spurs: This scent will leave you dreaming of being on a trusted roan horse, weaving through the sage and bluebunch wheatgrass covered bluffs gathering a herd of red bodied, white faced herefords. Listening to the clink of spurs, the creak of the saddle, and tromp of hooves on baked earth. Scents of wood, fruit, musk and slight hints of warm spices.

11. Cimmaron Cinnamon: Oranges and reds of fall are replacing the vibrant greens of summer, cold fronts are moving in, and over the campfire is a dutch oven filled with warm, bubbling apple cobbler. In the air, there is the warm spicy scent of cinnamon- oh, wait! you're at home and that is just this candle! Smells like the spice with warm undertones. 

12. Vanilla: Another classic scent, giving off the fresh out-of-the oven baked goods vibe, this scent will gently welcome your guests and darn near take their coats and jackets for them. Scent features savory roasted vanilla beans supported by whafts of roasted nuts, golden honey and rich spices.

13. Desert Sage: Take you back to the high desert with the yucca, the greasewood, the lowlying cactus, junipers and sagebrush. This candle will make you think of a dewy morning, pendleton woolen blankets and cozy cabins. Featuring scents of eucalyptus and juniper with hints of spring flowers.

14. Caramel: Put this candle with your needed baking items- it will make you dream of soft, chewy candies. Smells of brown sugar, maple syrup, spices and vanilla. 

15. Margritaville: Everyone's favorite frozen drink can now be enjoyed as a candle! Scent features lemon, lime, sours and a blend of other fruit flavors.